California State Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha

State Forms

**Not all forms have been

updated for the 2019-2020 year**

The new forms will be updated as we have them 

      Awards Forms

**All items with an asterisk were updated November or December 2019

Annual Philanthropic Awards Form- Chapter   (WORD)   

Annual Philanthropic Awards Form - Council   (WORD)    

Community Service Awards Form                      (WORD)    

Membership Awards Form                                  (WORD)   

     Other State Forms 

**All Items with an asterisk were updated Nov or Dec 2019
Annual Dues Statement                                     (WORD)   
Association of the Arts Guidelines                  

Association of the Arts Entry Form                  (WORD)    
Blue ‘N Gold Subscription Form                        

Council Report Form                                          (WORD)  

*Disaster Fund Guidelines                                (WORD)

*Disaster Fund Donation Form                         (WORD)       

*Disaster Fund Application                               (WORD)   

Educational Report Form – Short                     (WORD)   
*Educational Report Form - Long                    (WORD)   
ESA Projects Report – Chapter                         

ESA Projects Report – Council                          

Outstanding 1st Year Member Nomination     
Outstanding Member Nomination                    
State Project Report – Chapter and Council    (WORD)  

Voucher                                                               (EXCEL)  (PDF)

Rules Governing
CSC Guidelines
CSC Procedures
Executive Board Procedures
Standing Rules

General Information
Budget (this will be added after the Exec. Board meeting in August)

California Way
Campaign Rules
Courtesy Convention Bid
Credentials Sign-In
Formal Convention Bid
Sample Scholarship Letter