California State Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha


 Each of us has our own reasons for joining and for continuing our relationship with ESA. We each have shared the ESA experience differently. And that is because each moment has been blessed by that unique ESA spirit. ESA has accomplished great things through the years by our joining together and reaching out to others. Through ESA, our members have added greater dimension to their own lives and have touched may people in many ways by their dedication to serve others.  It is easy to focus on the big moments-St. Jude, Easter Seals, Hope for Heroes and those projects that we support locally. But I truly believe that our experience has been shaped by the smaller moments – in those moments, ESA spirit sparkled. That spirit is not easily defined. It is a spirit of affirmation and community. It is a spirit of passion and compassion. It is a spirit of awareness and goodness. Our comfort and rapport with one another provides us with a home base from which we reach others.

 This spirit manifests itself in a variety of ways – it guides us to be leaders, it empowers us to be volunteers, it inspires us to reach past what we know and to seek that which we do not through education. It moves us to see past ourselves and to appreciate the struggles and the beauty of those around us. I see this spirit in you, and in those ESA members who could not be here this evening and I see it in myself.

 Only we can make our world of ESA. We can look for the exciting things to do…we can dip into the vast variety of opportunities of learning, growth and achievement. We can reach beyond our own world to share hope, encouragement and faith with others. In defining our horizons, let us remember that faith, hope and love involve action in ESA.

 Survival of our organization is due to outstanding leadership, which has characterized ESA through its dynamic history. It seems that adversity only makes our leaders determination greater. Each generation has had its opportunity and has made its contribution in the march of progress. Each generation has moved steadily forward, maintaining high ideals, having faith and real courage and the continued renewal of the pledge of loyalty and service.

As we look to the future, our goals, hopes, ideals and purpose will remain the same, but we are met with the challenges of this modern world we live in. The opportunities to thrive are endless and can only be identified by the members of ESA today.

While in this age of Internet Technology we can note bright new prospects for sharing ESA with the world, we need to remember that individual effort is the thing that has, and always will, make ESA great. Technology can help us better communicate our ESA message but it takes one person asking another to create a new member. It takes one person giving their time and effort to raise dollars for our many causes. It takes one person planning a special program to make our Educational meetings a time that stirs the imagination.

There is still a great future for our Organization. We must live each day to its fullest, knowing that the only right we have is the right to be of service. Our challenge is to continue to share ESA, reach out to our neighbors and educate our communities to the purpose and ideals of ESA.

The horizons of ESA stretch before us, bright and seemingly endless. One of the most exciting aspects of ESA life is the wide scope of personal choice within the organization. We have the power to define our own horizons. Our activities and accomplishments can be as creative, as challenging and as fascinating as we choose to make them. Our horizons depend upon the scope of our thoughts.

We are the past, present and future of ESA. Set your sights high. Remember to share your reasons for joining ESA, share what you have achieved and what your visions are for ESA.

Thank you again for your encouragement, love and support.
As long as we go outside the box, live on the edge and try something new…We Will Survive.