‚ÄčCalifornia State Council of Epsilon Sigma Alpha

Regional Councils

California State Council is divided into 10 Regional Councils.  The Regional Councils foster coordination among chapters and the State Council, work on projects within their communities and serve as a district to their member chapters to further the common goals and ideals of ESA.

Regional Councils establish their own set of Bylaws and Standing Rules and may have membership dues.  They have their own Executive Board and Chairmen that serve as a liaison to the State Executive and General Boards as a means of communication on planning and policy making.  The California Regional Councils are:

Bay Peninsula Regional Council                           

San Francisco Bay Area

El Sudoeste Regional Council 

San Diego and surrounding area   

Golden Empire Regional Council                                                                                                   Sacramento and surrounding area     

La Reina Regional Council                                  

Bakersfield/Granada Hills/Santa Barbara

Mid Valley Regional Council                                                                                                      

Los Gatos/Sacramento/Stockton/Turlock 

Mira Coast Regional Council                                                                                                                  Santa Monica/Torrance 
Redwood Regional Council                                                                     


Shasta Cascade Regional Council                                                                           Anderson/Redding/Yreka